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Virtue Professional Maintenance Services, LLC offers expert advice that provides reliable service for many maintenance services.​

Roof Moss Removal

We NEVER pressure wash your composition roof.  Moss removal is only done by hand brushing the moss. There are several benefits of having the moss removed from your roof. The main benefit is that you would be preventing damage from occurring. When moss has established itself, it is not a matter of if; it's a matter of when the leaks and problems begin. Roof moss removal prevents this from happening and saves you money. Not only will you prolong the life of your roof, you will also maintain the neat and clean appearance of the roof. Moss removal prevents your roof from experiencing the following:
• Wind blowing away weakened shingles
• Bare areas of the roof exposed to the elements
• Costly repairs
• Roof leaks

Roof Moss Treatment

We treat your roof with either a powder or spray on application to inhibit growth of moss. 

Living in the damp Pacific Northwest, this is essential for extending the life of your roof by keeping moss away.

*State Certified by the Agriculture Department  

Gutter Cleaning

Having your gutters cleaned and downspouts unclogged insures that water flows quickly away from your home. Gutters that are cleaned regularly prevent soffits and fascia boards from water rot, and many other problems associated with water damage. Gutter cleaning can be dangerous because it involves repositioning ladders, handling tools, and carrying heavy buckets of gutter debris down from dangerous heights. For your safety, we recommend you leave this to a qualified professional. Gutter cleaning and downspout unclogging prevents your home from experiencing:
• Breeding ground for mosquitoes
• Leaking basements
• Costly Repairs
• Overspills

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can keep all exterior areas of your home or business clean and presentable. We are a company that is experienced in using quality, commercial grade pressure washers. We also have a vast knowledge of chemicals and adjusting water temperatures to get anything clean. We stock a variety of extensions, tips, and varying pressure washing tools that enable us to provide you with a quality, professional service every time. We service:
• Professional buildings
• Store fronts
• Parking lots
• Houses
• Driveways & sidewalks
• Decks

Window Cleaning

Having your windows cleaned will make your property always look clean, bright, and presentable. Also, you wouldn't have the risk of working on an extended ladder at a dangerous height, risking a fall. Keep in mind that damage to windows generally happens when an inexperienced window cleaner is hired. We have the experience and the tools necessary to keep your windows looking immaculate all year round. We provide services to:
• Commercial properties
• Residential homes
• Store fronts and displays
• Sky lights